All Time Low says new music is on the way and play ‘F, Marry Kill’ with potatoes and restaurants

It's an interview you won't want to miss

Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat from All Time Low aren’t afraid to throw convention out the window, which is why fans won’t have to wait a long time to hear new music from the band.

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The duo joined Audacy’s Julia live from Lollapalooza as they admitted there’s nerves that come with playing a festival the size of Lollapalooza.  Fortunately, they’ve been able to perform a few gigs ahead of time to get their stage legs under them. “We’ve done a couple of little warm up gigs. Some sweaty little rock club shows,” Alex said. “It was amazing, shaking the rust off that way and in that environment, people were just so hyped and so ready for it.”

“Stepping into this,” he continues, “it’s still pretty daunting. It’s a big festival, it’s a big show tonight and I’m really looking forward to it.”

“It would be daunting if we haven’t not been on tour for two years,” Jack added.

It’s always a good time to speak with All Time Low, but especially now as the band just released their new single “PMA” featuring Pale Waves. On paper, it would make sense for All Time Low to include it in their set. However, they’re choosing to pass on performing it for a pretty good reason.

“It’s like, do we want to be that band that goes out there and plays the new song that no one knows yet?” Alex said.

“PMA” appears to be just one song of many that All Time Low has in the works. They’ve remained active throughout the pandemic and it could result in a new album sooner rather than later. “We have been working on a lot of music,” Alex said. “It’s slowly trickling out through this year as things start to get back to normal. We’re feeling our way towards mayyyybbbee a next record, I don’t know, but we’re putting some songs out and it feels good to do that.”

Even though they just released a new album in 2020, they have no qualms about putting a new one out soon. “It used to be every three years you make a record,” Jack says,” “but those times are over.”

Before we let Alex and Jack go on their way, we decided to play a little game, “F. marry, or kill.” The premise is simple, you get three choices and you have to decide which one you’ll F, marry, or kill.

The first choices were baked potatoes, french fries, and mashed potatoes.

“I have to kill any kind of potato product,” Alex immediately said after being given the guidelines.

“I’m gonna F fries, I’m going to marry mashed potatoes, and unfortunately in this scenario, I’m gonna kill the baked.” Alex said as Jack nodded in agreement.

“I think about potatoes all the time. Like, I’m thinking about them right now. Even before you asked the question, I was still thinking about potatoes.”

Next up, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Red Robin.

“I’m gonna F Red Robin,” Alex says, “for bottomless fries,” Jack added.

“Marry Olive Garden,” they continued, “because when you’re here, you’re family, so you might as well make them family.”

“I’m going to kill Red Lobster because the one time I’ve ever eaten at a Red Lobster in my life I got food poisoning,” Alex said.

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