Amy Schumer surprises Ellen DeGeneres by dressing exactly like her: ‘I was so confused’

Amy Schumer attends the premiere of Hulu's "Life & Beth" at SVA Theater on March 16, 2022 in New York City
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Between dealing with being a new mom, recent admissions of cosmetic procedures, and the premiere of her new show, “Life & Beth,” on Hulu, Amy Schumer has a lot on her plate.

Oh, did we mention she’s co-hosting the upcoming Oscars?

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So leave it to a recent visit to Ellen DeGeneres’ show to offer Schumer a chance to blow off some steam and dance.

As People reported, when Schumer was announced as guest, she danced right out onto DeGeneres’ stage dressed up exactly like the host – all white shirt and jacket, stone-washed jeans, Nike sneakers, and, yes, a blonde pixie haircut (well, wig).

Genuinely shocked, DeGeneres, 64, nevertheless instantly jumped into the joke as the two danced together while the studio audience howled.

Once ready to sit down, a still flummoxed DeGeneres could only utter, “how did this happen?”

Schumer answered that she was using this as a chance to take over the show, since DeGeneres has announced she is no longer doing the show after the final episode on May 26, 2022.

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"Am I not taking over the show?" the “Trainwreck” star joked. "I was so confused, cause they invited me, and I know you're kind of wrapping things up…, so I thought I was going to become you, and take over the show. Is that not the plan?"

The audience cheered at the humorous hosting suggestion, while the still actual host had to admit that it was “kind of scary” how much Schumer looked like her – especially once Schumer demanded they switch seats so she could get the perspective.

“Oh yeah!” Schumer declared once she was settled into the host’s seat.

"It's just a bit! It's just a bit," Schumer said as she yanked off the wig and giggled. "The bit's done."

Things got just a, uh, hair more serious as Schumer picked DeGeneres’ brain about hosting the Oscars. DeGeneres did those duties in 2007 and 2014 , and Schumer will be co-hosting for the 2022 Oscar ceremony this Sunday, along with Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall.

'Well, I think, have fun!" DeGeneres offered. "And you know everybody – that's the thing. You've been in the business long enough that you're going to look out there and everybody knows you, and you know them. That helps tremendously."

“The Kelly Clarkson Show” will be moving into Degeneres’ daytime slot, as NBC announced last year.

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