Ashe proves to us that she really is a One Direction stan with our Pop Quiz

Could you get all these 1D questions right?
By , Audacy

During an interview on RADIO.COM’s Jeremiah Show singer and songwriter, Ashe went head-to-head with fellow One Direction fan and co-host Morgan. As the two duel it out over the 1D themed trivia game Ashe’s knowledge of boy group is put to the test.

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With hesitation, Ashe takes on the challenge. Even though the “Moral of the Story” singer loves the band immensely she jokingly shares that she is an anxious test taker and might flounder when put on the spot.

While not knowing who came up with the name of the band off the top of her head…. it was Harry Styles BTW, Ashe does get some answers to trickier questions correct.

When asked “which member of the group was signed to Doncaster Rovers” football club, Morgan got the question correct, which prompted Ashe to exclaim, “shoot fire!” a phrase her “Nana” used to say instead of using an expletive. And in case you were wondering it was Louis Tomlinson, who was signed to the British football club.

After getting the name of One Direction’s documentary correct Ashe snagged the win during the trivia round.

The singer who recently collaborated with Niall Horan for a live performance on The Late Late Show from London, recently tweeted that she would be announcing a new project coming soon. The artist teased us on Twitter with tweets that read “announcement tomorrow” and “patience” followed by a devil, angel, and Christmas tree emoji.

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