What happens when you ask people if they know songs by the band on their shirt

And now, a moment of hilarity
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There’s times in all our lives when we’re out in public and catch someone wearing a great band shirt. If you’re a fan of that band, it presents an awesome opportunity to meet a fellow fan. But if they’re not a fan? Well, that’s a whole different conversation.

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Audacy’s Stryker & Klein went out in public to test this theory and the results were phenomenal.

Here’s the gist of it. The Stryker & Klein team go out into the streets and find people wearing band t-shirts. Once they spot someone, they ask them to name songs by that band.

Their first contestant was spotted in a Nirvana shirt, and immediately gave an answer of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” As one of the most popular songs of all time, this should be a given, but it counts anyway.

The next song? “Does it count that I know that Kurt Cobain is a guy?” The contestant responded. Nope, doesn’t count.

It’s a hilarious segment that you have to listen to, which you can do above.

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