Kate Mara and Adam Scott explain the challenges with acting in a podcast: 'You have to meet it halfway with your imagination'


Actors Kate Mara (House of Cards) and Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), stars of C13 Features' podcast movie Ghostwriter, joined Audacy for a special Check In to give fans some insight into the creation of the gripping new story and what to expect.

Ghostwriter, which premiered on December 6 on all podcast platforms is a long-form, podcast film presentation and fully-immersive audio experience which takes listeners on a thrilling ride in under 90 minutes. Listen to Ghostwriter below.

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C13Features Podcast Movie: Ghostwriter, Starring Kate Mara and Adam Scott
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Listeners will be on the edge of their seats when a former journalist signs on to ghostwrite a murder mystery tome for a billionaire, and things get spooky. Prior to accepting, character Kate Michaels had a successful career, suffered a traumatic incident, and now lives in solitude. After receiving encouragement from her agent and best friend, Kate begrudgingly accepts the job. Learn what happens next as the job blurs the lines between fiction and reality.

During our Audacy Check In with C13 Features' Ghostwriter stars Kate Mara and Adam Scott, Mara explained how acting in a podcast movie is like nothing she's ever done before.

"It's really fun to do, because the challenge of not being able to rely at all on the quiet moments or any moments when you need, visually, to be subtle at all - that's a challenge as an actor in a really exciting way," she said.

There's also an "unnatural" feeling when you're acting without the visual aids. "With this, there was a lot of having to, you know, spell out what your character is doing," Mara added.

As for Scott, he was just excited to be a part of an audio experience. "I love it. I love it as a medium. There's this weird intimacy to it, because it's happening weirdly inside your head," Scott said.

"What surprised me about it is how important and effective really simple sounds are in making you feel certain things," Mara added, saying that all of the simple sounds together (doors opening, floors creaking) added to the experience for listeners.

When it comes to following along to a podcast movie versus a regular, visual movie, it takes a little extra legwork. "You have to meet it halfway with your imagination," Scott said.

Then, Scott was asked where storytelling will go next, to which he hilariously replied, "Other than getting content injected directly into your bloodstream, I'm not sure where else we have to go."

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