Josh Katz fills us in on the latest Badflower debut and the ‘brutal honesty’ that inspired the album

Watch Katz's full interview here
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Upon the release of their brand new album, This is How the World Ends,  Josh Katz of Badflower spoke to Audacy’s Taryn Daly about the inspiration behind the new record and all the emotions that went into the new project.

Katz tells us that most of the record was written throughout 2020, and explains that the new album would not have come out the way it did if the pandemic had not happened. The band’s frontman also adds that the whole record is an observation of how the world has shifted and how people interact with one another.

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“There’s actually more heartbreaking relationship-y stuff than I expected would end up on this album from like going into it in the beginning,” explains Katz.

He adds, “there’s some topics of…internet culture and the way that we act. There’s like a few songs that touch on that…well don’t touch on it, they hit the nail on the head. There’s just a lot of brutal honesty

The artist revealed that during the pandemic he moved from Los Angeles to a farm in Tennessee. He joked, “The only two things that I did throughout the whole pandemic really were like write songs, work on creative stuff for the band, and drive a tractor around, and that was it.”

The band has already begun embarking on a tour, and Josh tells us that he is looking forward to closing out the tour on Halloween this year in his new home state of Tennessee.

Check out Katz’s full interview above.

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