Bette Midler acted as florist for her daughter’s DIY wedding: 'We didn't hire anyone to do anything'

Bette Midler and Sophie Von Haselberg attend Bette Midler's 2019 Hulaween at New York Hilton Midtown on October 31, 2019 in New York City
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Bette Midler’s daughter, Sophie Von Haselberg, has opened up about her surprise wedding last year, sharing that her famous mother played a key role in the lead-up to the big day.

The 34-year old actress, and dead ringer for her mother, told Today that "we really had not been planning on getting married.” And hence, the wedding was a simple, scaled-back, DIY affair.

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"What made the whole thing so special was just that we did everything ourselves," she said.. "We didn't hire anyone to do anything. We cooked ourselves. My mom did all the flowers. My dad and I had done the menu planning. My husband figured out all the wines. Two of our best friends -- whose wedding it was that we kissed at for the first time -- did the ceremony, and it was just so special."

It really just felt like a really fun dinner party," she continued, "which to me is exactly how I would want anything to feel. It didn't feel like this lavish thing. It just felt really cozy and lovely and loving."

It was in June of 2020 -- at the very beginning of the first lull in the pandemic’s long rollercoaster crawl -- that Von Haselberg shared the reality of the nuptials, with a fun picture of the hubby smearing cake in the bride’s face.

"We just we decided to do it when COVID hit because all of a sudden, the realities of what the world is today really rained down upon us. So it was eleven people. It was teeny, teeny tiny."

She also expressed how well her new husband gets along with her parents.

"As soon as I started dating my husband Harry, I knew they were going to love him. It actually was not a question to me. I think he probably felt differently, of course. I'm sure he was nervous even though he never showed it, but they fell in love with him from the get go. Truly, they're more obsessed with him than they are with me."

Von Haselberg was chatting with Today while at Hulaween, the annual Halloween fundraiser that benefits the charity, New York Restoration Project, that her mother founded in 1995. It supports community gardens and parks in New York City, and according to a release is New York's only citywide nature conservancy.

Other names who walked the “green carpet” included emcee Mario Cantone, singer Gloria Gaynor (who performed), costume judge Michael Kohrs, and "Queer Eye" star Antoni Porowski, among many. Unfortunately Sophie’s mom couldn’t make it, as she was filming "Hocus Pocus 2" in Providence, RI.

"Hullaween is our biggest fundraising event of the year," said Von Haselberg, who sits on board for NYRP. "So it really is the event that allows us of course, not only to have fun and put on a costume, but it really is what allows NYRP to thrive and allows us to actually do all of the work that we do around the city. It's not the sexy stuff, right? It's like building beds in gardens and to make sure that everybody has the proper supplies and that people can grow food."

"I'm so glad that people are now thinking about environmental justice,” she added. “I feel like the phrase environmental justice has come into the sort of social consciousness a lot in the last couple of years and NYRP really is actually an environmental justice organization, right?"

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