Beyoncé's mom reportedly cried when she heard her daughter's duet with The Isley Brothers

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By Audacy

More Beyoncé music has arrived! Bey’s new single is a reimagined collaboration with Ron Isley and The Isley Brothers.

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“Me, Kandy and her sister were together when we first heard it and they were crying. Then Ernie [Isley] and his wife came over and there was crying again. We hadn't done any crying over a record in years," he continued. Kandy added, “All we can say is that God’s hands was on this whole project. And the fact that they are giving us permission to put it out at this time is just overly special.”

“Make Me Say It Again Girl” is Beyoncé’s first-ever collaboration with The Isley Brothers. Nearly 25 years ago, Destiny’s Child sampled the original on their debut studio album track “Second Nature.”

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