The wild reason Tom Cruise reportedly sent this man 2 Christmas cakes via private jet

 Tom Cruise watches the Ladies' Singles Final match between Ashleigh Barty of Australia and Karolina Pliskova of The Czech Republic on Day Twelve of The Championships - Wimbledon 2021 at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 10, 2021 in London, England
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It seems that if you’re a celebrity pal of actor Tom Cruise, he might send you an amazing white chocolate coconut cake when the holidays roll around.

But one man in England figured out a way to get Cruise to send him two of his infamous Christmas cakes without even personally knowing him.

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In a hilarious detailing of receiving his own surprise Cruise cake this year, British writer Stuart Heritage, who has never met the actor, recently explained how his sweet mission impossible to obtain one of the delicacies went down, reported The Guardian.

It wasn’t easy. Heritage said it took a yearlong campaign of risky nudging and personal debasement to get the exclusive dessert.

Roughly a year ago, he wrote a short piece about Cruise’s habit of sending the fancy $50 cakes to his closest friends at Christmas.

The story reportedly goes that years ago, Cruise’s former wife, Katie Holmes, and friend Diane Keaton got in a sweet little contest, and Keaton’s favorite bakery won Cruise’s heart and stomach. He then started sending out the cakes to chosen pals all over the world.

Made by Doan’s Bakery in California, the cakes are allegedly shipped out personally by Cruise’s staff. Kirsten Dunst, Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett, Jimmy Fallon, and Graham Norton are just some of the notables who've gotten the gift, the outlet noted.

Heritage was then determined to one day be on Tom’s Xmas list. He found his way into the sugary gates through a Cruise interview from last April that he stumbled on.

In it, the actor admitted there was one mission that proved quite impossible for him. Apparently, as a young actor, Cruise once spent three days eating so much chocolate cake that he ended up throwing up. Ah, the hazards of being a young, hungry actor.

So Heritage went and published a piece declaring that he could eat more cake than Tom Cruise and, if he was sent one of the famous cakes, would eat it “on the toilet in one go.”

Well someone must’ve slipped Cruise the article, because just this week, Heritage got a package in the mail from Tom Cruise, “apparently brought to the UK on his private jet.”

It was wrapped in a cream and gold bow, alongside a bejewelled reindeer, and with a note that read, “To Stuart Heritage, warmest wishes to you this holiday season, Tom Cruise.”

Hesitating at first, the writer soon noticed a smell, or as he put it, “Oh God, the wonderful smell.”

Expecting the overseas shipping to have reduced the cake to a hardened mess, Heritage opened the package and found it was anything but.

“This is a soft, silky, luxurious thing, so impossibly rich that it almost defies description. Is it the best cake I have ever eaten? Very possibly.”

But it wasn’t enough that Heritage received the thoughtful sweet. When he first demanded one in his article, he recalled that the “Risky Business” star made the British tabloids around that time when he was spotted eating two curry dishes in Birmingham. So Heritage then pushed the eating envelope: “If you had any guts, you’d send me two.”

And guess what?

“Cruise actually sent me two cakes this week,” said Heritage, “One next to the other, delivered at the same time, like a baller.”

Heritage ends his piece with a gormandized greeting back to Tom Cruise, “I will eat both of them sitting on the toilet until I vomit all down myself. This, it seems, is the only way I can begin to repay your generosity. Merry Christmas!”

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