BTS Reveal the Importance of '7' on 'The Late Late Show'

Plus the debut of their new single ‘Black Swan’

What a week for BTS, making history at the 2020 GRAMMY Awards and following it up with the television debut of their new single “Black Swan.” The K-pop group was the centerpiece of The Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday, sitting down to talk about their upcoming album and unleashing fresh choreography for the new song.

The band debuted the first look at MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 earlier this month, with a video featuring the Slovenian modern dance troupe MN Dance Company. That meant all eyes were on BTS as they showcased new steps for the first time. Set in the woods with stars and waterfalls projected around them, the group was bathed in blue as they slid into the effortless new routine. The performance serves as a potential preview of BTS’ upcoming MAP OF THE SOUL Tour which starts in the US in April.

In addition to “Black Swan,” BTS also sat down with Corden to talk about their spot on stage at the GRAMMY Awards and what to expect from their new album. On Sunday they became the first K-pop band ever to perform on the show, and they’re happy to carry the torch for the genre.

“Everything about that night was so special,” J-Hope smiled. “We couldn’t believe it.”

“It felt like K-pop was finally recognized worldwide,” added RM, as they teased “stage 2” coming next year.

Might they be back with a nomination for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, due out everywhere on February 21? Pre-orders have already hit well over 3 million copies, for an album that holds special significance to the group.

“The title is 7,” says RM. “It’s been 7 years since our debut, we got 7 members here. So 7 is a really special number for us. We practiced so hard for these tracks and the dance routines of course, so please stay tuned for the album. It’s gonna be like, yeah,” he concludes, unable to find the words.

You can find the full list of dates for BTS’ upcoming tour here.

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