Carly Pearce talks humility, new music, and her mark on the world

'I think I'm maybe the artist that makes you go, 'Gasps, did she really just say that?!''
Carly Pearce
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Scotty Kay of Chicago's US*99 caught up with Carly Pearce at Country Thunder in Wisconsin over the weekend, where she talked about her upcoming projects, recent social media backlash, and what she believes she's best known for.

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After posting a video of herself on a Southwest flight where no one recognized her, she received lots of backlash of people accusing her of not being "humble." "Some people have been like, 'I thought you were humble until now, like why would you ask people' and I'm like, 'Are you serious?'" she said, adding that the sole purpose of the video was displaying her humbleness and being able to not take herself so seriously.

"This video is the most making fun of the fact that people don't know who I am like how is that not humble?" she asked before adding, "I'm literally in the back row."

While people on the Southwest flight didn't recognize her, the people of Nashville definitely do. "I get recognized, but I feel like people are pretty cool about it," she says.

Reflecting on what she thinks people know her for most, Carly believes that it would be for, "writing the things that maybe some people are too uncomfortable to write about," she began. "I think I'm maybe the artist that makes you go, 'Gasps, did she really just say that?!' That's the kind of person that I want to be, that's the kind of artist that I want to be."

Carly revealed that she's been "writing a bunch," and with the release of her latest single "We Don't Fight Anymore," fans can expect a slew of songs to follow.

Check out the full conversation between Scotty and Carly above where they also play a fun game of 'Wrong Lyrics Only.'

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