The cast of 'Grown & Gospel' talk new series: 'We showing you real life'

Giving you a different look into the life of gospel singers and PKs
Elijah Connor and Tasha Page Lockhard
Photo credit Paras Griffin/ Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Giving you a different look into the life of gospel singers and PKs (preacher kids), the cast of the series, Grown & Gospel, Elijah Connor, Tasha Page Lockhard and Nikkia Cole stopped by The Big Tigger Morning Show to discuss the upcoming series, family drama, and more!

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Touching on how the concept even came about, Tasha explained that the show encompasses, “a group of people either a PK or you have parents who have been in the gospel industry and we all grew up together.” Her and Elijah went to middle school with each other and Nikkia and her are long-time best friends.

They all agreed that this standing history is what makes their show interesting and genuine, “when they say action, we kicking it,” Tasha said.

In Grown & Gospel you can expect to get a lot of singing and watch them all battle real-life and familial issues. “We’re singers so we sing on the show, we busting out in songs, we family and you got family members that you argue with, so we arguing and we showing you real life,” Tasha added.

Describing the show as “controversial,” they dive into Elijah’s issues with his father not approving of his lifestyle, Nikkia’s husband being incarcerated and fighting what the world wants for her– but you have got to watch the show to get the tea.

“Grown & Gospel” premieres March 16 on WE TV.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/ Jason Kempin / Getty Images