Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens on the collaborations that allowed him to expand his horizons

Kellin has jumped on new songs and 'lent' his voice to new projects all thanks to the pandemic
Sleeping With Sirens
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Sitting down with Audacy’s Morgan Freed on Emo NiteKellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens spoke about recent collaborations, working with new artists, and his own music.

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On his recent collabs Quinn says it’s all “a little bit of everything.” He explains that due to the pandemic he got inventive when making new music in order to “keep the lights on while the band is not touring."

"It’s a little bit of being able to keep my ear to the ground and be plugged into what’s going on in the music world as far as new artists coming up.” He adds that getting to share tracks with newcomers “has been a really cool opportunity.”

“It’s cool to jump on someone else’s song and just lend yourself to like you know, a minute of a song, and just be able to like add yourself to that,” says the SWS frontman.

Most recently Quinn worked on singles with Conquer Divide and Messy  on “Messy x Kellin Quinn, and on “Your Confession” with True North.

Throughout 2020, the perimeters of the pandemic opened new doors for Quinn and allowed him to release multiple tracks with artists he admires. “It definitely gave me the opportunity to look beyond the Sleeping With Sirens world,” shares Kellin as notes that he was able to use his voice for other styles of music beyond emo Rock.

In June, SWS dropped their latest single “Bloody Knuckles,” and the band will relaunch performing live at the Emo Nite Vegas Vacation in October.

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