Chaka Khan has some choice words for Ariana Grande: 'F*** her'

It's nothing personal...

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The legendary Chaka Khan was recently interviewed by Vlad TV and was asked who she would like to work with that she’s yet to work with. As she was thinking about her answer the interviewer suggested Ariana Grande and Chaka had a quick response. “F*** her.”

Immediately afterwards she said,  “she’s alright. She’s good on her own. She don’t need… plus, I don’t wanna sing with another woman. I ain’t got nothing to say with a woman. You say it by yourself. We ain’t gonna talk about no man. We not gon’ do none of that stuff. It’s not happening.”

Khan and Grande have collaborated in the past on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack with their song “Nobody.”

Back in 2019, she was interviewed by Variety as part of their Power of Women luncheon and was asked about the collaboration. “It’s a cute song,” she said.

“It’s a song, you know, about Charlie’s Angels. It’s, you know… it’s not gonna change the world, OK? It’s a good song in a movie.”

Chaka did name drop one artist she wouldn’t mind working with. That would be Anderson .Paak. “He’s got a future. So there are a few young people I really would [work with].”

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