Chris Brown is all smiles with his 100k 24-karat gold grills

Who says you can’t stunt and sing at the same time?
Chris Brown
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Let's talk about Chris Brown and his magnetic gold teeth, and no that’s not a title to a new fantasy fiction novel series. Chris Brown straight up has a literal golden smile after dropping $100,000 on a magnetic retention 24-karat gold grill.

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Covering all 28 of his teeth, this particular grill differs from the usual, according to his celeb dentist Thomas Connelly, because of its magnetic retention design that is intended not to affect his speech, which for a singer is rather important.

Connelly shared Brown’s gleaming golden smile on IG, writing, “@Chrisbrownofficial showing off his new gold grills by me. These grills are 100% 24kt gold covering all 28 teeth.”

“Breezy had 9 magnetic embedded gold crowns placed on all his back molars. This allows the grills to fit and lock in the magnets with precision on the fronts of all the teeth,” Dr. Connelly continued. “The magnets not only make the grills super secure but they allow less metal that usually covers the inside of the teeth.” And as a result Chris will be able to “sing and speak normally while wearing an entire set of grills.” Welcome the future ladies and gents.

Obviously, dental work that revolutionary didn't come cheap, boasting a $100K price tag. Um yeah… that’s a lot, but kind of a bargain compared to the $1.6 million Post Malone, another one of Connelly's famous clients, dropped on his new diamond-fanged set just last month. But that also included a whole smile reconstruction, so there’s that.

Anyway, point is, the future is here and it's expensive.

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