Ice-T's Wife Coco Austin Shares Emotional Update on Father's COVID-19 Diagnosis

Ice-T's wife, model Coco Austin, has given an emotional update on her father's coronavirus diagnosis.

"He's at the point where he can't even talk," the former "Ice Loves Coco" star reports. "He can't even say a word." She told Page Six, "It's like, 'Oh my God, like, my family is falling apart.'"

"We're here thinking we came to Arizona to get away from the craziness in New York and New Jersey, and I feel like we now swallowed it up in the spike that just happened here."

Her father, Steve Austin, was admitted to the ICU following his coronavirus diagnosis and is now battling pneumonia in both lungs.

Coco took to Instagram with a further update, writing, "My dad that has absolutely no underlying conditions, who is a young, healthy, muscular man was sick at home for 9 days with #covid19 before he no longer could rough it out, ended up in ICU cuz he could no longer breathe on his own."

She continues, "This is such an evil virus I wish it would just go away already."

Coco further told Page Six that she wishes they would have sought out medical attention sooner. "Knowing what he's gone through, he let this disease or virus sit in him for nine days before doing anything. That's basically what they say is too late," she explained.

She admitted that perhaps her father's adversity to wearing a face mask contributed to the state he's in now. "I don't think my dad was a good face mask wearer. I think that's why he's in the position he is in right now," she said.

On Sunday, Arizona broke the record for the most coronavirus cases in a day with 3,858 infections.

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