Coheed and Cambria Bring 'Jessie's Girl' Into the Digital Age With New Single, Video

"Jessie's Girl 2" features familiar sounds and faces
By , Audacy

Coheed and Cambria must have spent hours musing at the sounds of Rick Springfield’s 1981 rock hit “Jessie’s Girl.” Finally, they determined something had to change and it was not hard to define. Springfield made a hit and they wanted to make it… their own. The group teamed up with the GRAMMY-Award winning singer to produce a sequel, and video, “Jessie’ Girl 2.”

The idea for the retro revival was pitched by vocalist Claudio Sanchez during an Instagram Live session with Springfield. The band spent time during COVID-19 quarantine to re-image “Jessie’s Girl.” The song would focus more on the woman, than Rick.

Fans of the original song, which describes Springfield’s taboo lust over his friend’s partner, will notice Coheed and Cambria went a different direction. The video features Springfield (who by the way, looks amazing for 70! Keto diet?) as a lowly bartender expressing dismay after a blonde haired woman arrives. His worries are soon validated after she bombs two shots and illuminates with unbridled Technicolor mischief.

With calculating flare, the woman wreaks havoc on bar patrons through various unsavory acts. These include sewing distrust between two love birds, ruining a perfectly good dart board with a hunting knife and setting fire to a pool table. But the woman saves her most nefarious act for last; stealing Rick’s car keys. That rascal!

The band makes interspersed appearances throughout the video. Televisions broadcast band members rocking in the foreground of a party themed stargate leading to nowhere.

Coheed and Cambria have planned an extensive 2021 tour schedule including a gig with Blink-182 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 2.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images