Cyndi Lauper is wishing you a Happy National Coming Out Day


Cyndi Lauper, a long-time champion of LGBTQ+ rights, sat down with AJ Gibson and Mikalah Gordon from CHANNEL Q to discuss powerful moments of Pride, National Coming Out Day, and the stigmas that the LGBTQ+ community still face today.

Lauper spoke about her views on National Coming Out Day, saying that she's "not big on telling somebody 'you should come out' but on Coming Out Day, if you have the courage and you feel that you are ready to live your authentic self, I will always be here for you, support you. And your friends and family who really love you will be there for you, and those who aren't, that's not the way you want to live. I wish for you the best, I always try to tell parents that sometimes if you just tell a kid 'OK, you've gotta give me a minute to wrap my head around it, but you're still my kid and I love you.' That kid will not run away, that person will stay."

She also offered some advice for people who are considering coming out. "Before you come out, make sure you have friends that you can talk to, who know you and who will support you in this time," she said.

The musician shared that the reason that she was able to find the strength to stand up for the LGBTQ+ community in earlier years when support for the community was not as accepted as it is today is because of her "friends and family. I always felt that Pride was a time where we all got together and celebrated our differences."

She continued talking about her experience in Pride parades, quipping "you know me, I love a parade," and that when she was able to be on a float in Los Angeles "with my mom and my sister and friends... it was incredible. That was my butt in a champagne glass and bubbles were coming out!"

Lauper shared that "Pride is a very important time, because if you take pride in yourself and others, there is also a certain amount of respect that is involved in that too. Respect for yourself, respect for community and your friends, and love, of course."

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