Daya opens up about sexuality and emerging 'more confident' on new song 'Bad Girl'

'I hope that confident part of it resonates with everyone'

Daya is back with a new single "Bad Girl," a total breath of fresh air and not at all subtle, with lyrics inspired by the singer’s journey of discovering her sexuality since opening up about being bisexual. Discussing it all with RADIO.COM's Julia, Daya explains how the new single came about from start to finish.

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"Yeah… it’s definitely reflective of the years and growth and everything that I’ve had in between 'Hide Away' and now, and I’m really grateful for that time, but I’m just itching to get back there and do everything right now.” As for when it will be time to get back out there is still to be determined. Daya’s single is in fact out and she is “so excited” that it is, and “that people like it.”

“I love this song.. it’s a concept that I’ve wanted to write about for the past three years… It’s definitely more personal to me,” as the song details Daya’s exploration of her sexuality, “and kind of like all those weird phases in between… coming out on the side like a more confident, fully realized person."

"Regardless of whether it’s about your sexuality or not or other types of growth that you’re going through," she continued. "I hope that confident part of it resonates with everyone and that they feel empowered listening to it.” Julia assured Daya that “it really came across that way” and that her evolution as an artist is apparent since she last released those five singles in 2019 including "Insomnia" and "Left Me Yet,” and especially since rise to fame in 2015.

As Daya previously mentioned, she’d been wanting to write about these particular life experiences for three years. However it wasn’t until October of last year that she actually put pen to paper. But once she did, "it was a pretty quick turn around for me," she said, working with writer, producer and founder of her new label Sandlot Records, Jacob Kasher, aka “J-Kash” or “Kash" on the song.

In her one and only in-person studio sessions for 2020. After months of collaborating through Zoom, Daya explained “as soon as we got in the room, it was like this energy feels infectious. It feels just like what it should feel like writing a song,” without all the struggles of trying to be distantly creative from home. “It just felt really good to be back… we wrote it… and then were like this is the next one, when can we put it out, set the date and went.”

Fast forward to earlier this month, February 4 to be exact, when the song and visual debuted featuring a a few red-lipped, fully-glammed out looks which Julia inquired about the inspiration behind.

Daya explained, “I’ve always been fascinated with that kind of over the top glamour and that super feminine figure,” never feeling super feminine herself with the way she looks or dresses, which she attributes to wanting to compete in a male dominant world. However, “when I realized my sexuality,” she shared, “I got more in touch with my femininity," and the Hollywood glam vibes was her way of reclaiming it.

For all that and to hear what Daya has to say about more new music to come, check out her entire interview above, and to bop to her latest single “Bad Girl,” press play below.

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