Disturbed’s David Draiman on why 'Down With The Sickness' still matters in modern times

'Boy, did we see that multiplied a 100 million fold over the course of the past number of years'
David Draiman of Disturbed
David Draiman of Disturbed Photo credit Ethan Miller/Getty Images
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This week on the Kyle Meredith With... podcast, Disturbed frontman David Draiman talks about the band’s late-2022 release, Divisive, upcoming tour, and more -- including why he thinks the band's 2000 hit "Down With the Sickness" continues to speak to modern times.

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With eight studio albums now under their collective belts amid a 25-year career, Disturbed will be hitting the road on a headlining tour this summer in celebration of their latest release, 2022's Divisive. As host Kyle Meredith says as a longtime fan, "If there's a Disturbed record in the world, it probably means that things aren't going well." Frontman David Draiman agrees partly, adding, "Either that or things are going too well... it's one of the opposite extremes."

"Right now, for me, it's the most effective form of therapy," Draiman says regarding what it is that keeps him wanting more. "I'm very much looking forward to the performance end of things coming shortly, but the creative end is the perfect way to come to terms with your demons -- and I'm definitely stocked up. I need the music, creating it, performing it, living it right now more than I ever have. I just recently finalized my divorce, I just recently said goodbye to my Akita, my best friend of 14 years -- there's gonna be plenty of inspiration for the next body of work."

"I think almost the entirety of the band at this point has had to endure our own individual struggles throughout the pandemic," Draiman continues. "Throughout the lives we've had to lead during it, the many sacrifices we've made to do what we love; the life experience, whether we like it or not, is keeping fresh inspirational material flowing... and definitely with the future, I probably need it more than I ever have."

In the context of the advent of social media and the divisiveness spread throughout, the discussion travels back to the band's very first breakthrough hit, 2000's "Down With the Sickness." Kyle points out how, after 23 years, the track's message has ended up being "prophetic, in the worst ways." Draiman agrees, adding, "people fear and judge that which is different... people treat ones who stand apart as outcasts, not embraced, they're not welcomed into the fold. Boy, did we see that multiplied a 100 million-fold over the course of the past number of years. Yeah, I really don't like being prophetic in that way, to be honest."

Also in the interview, Draiman talks about his duet "Don't Tell Me" with Heart's Ann Wilson and wanting more guests on future releases, new ideas the band has for their upcoming tour kicking off on April 27, and more. Grab your tickets right HERE.

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