Drake, Chris Brown sued for copyright infringement over 'No Guidance'

Claiming that even non-expert listeners can hear the similarities
Chris Brown and Drake
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So here’s the tea — reportedly, Chris Brown and Drake jacked another artist's work for their hit track "No Guidance" ... well at least that’s what Braindon Cooper and Timothy Valentine are claiming in their new lawsuit.

The songs’ producer Valentine, aka Drum'n Skillz, and the singer, who goes by the stage name Mr. Cooper, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against C. Breezy and Drizzy and are looking for big damages. Claiming that Chris and Drake’s chart-topper "No Guidance” lifted elements from their track, "I Love Your Dress.”

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In their suit, Cooper and Drum'n Skillz claim their song dropped 3 years before "No Guidance,” which arrived in June 2019 on Breezy’s Indigo album. And that through analysis of the beat, lyrics, hook, rhythmic structure, metrical placement and narrative context it demonstrates that "No Guidance" was copied or, at the very least, principally derived from their track.

Presented as a lyrical example, the singer and producer specifically point out that, "She got it, she got it,” is repeated 16 times throughout their song, while Drake and CB’s "You got it, girl, you got it" is stated at least 11 times in theirs.

Coop and Skillz also claim that highly regarded musicology experts have compared "No Guidance" and "I Love Your Dress" and found a "high degree of combined similar features, including the hook lyrics and the primary scale degrees.” But also claim that non-expert listeners can hear the similarities as well.

Elsewhere in the suit, Cooper and Valentine allege that Drake and Brown taunted them with the “Flew the coop” line, which Cooper claims is in reference to his nickname, Coop. Uhhh, they reaching or nah?

So, what do Drake and Chris have to say about the matter? Well as of now, neither has yet to respond or comment — but we’ll keep you posted if that changes.

For now, take a listen to both tracks above for yourself. What do you think?

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