Eva Mendes claps back at fan who accused her of getting 'work done’


Eva Mendes is going into more detail about why she has been quiet about her social media accounts.

Last week, the 46-year-old told fans that she would be taking a break from social media after her daughter called her out for being "on the phone too much."

Mendes and Ryan Gosling have two daughters, Esmeralda Amada, 6, and Amada Lee, 4.

A week later, People reported that the "Hitch" star logged on to her account to wish a friend a happy birthday. However, she received a comment from a fan accusing Mendes of leaving her Instagram because she had "work done," accusing her of getting plastic surgery.

After one user responded to the post asking why she hasn't been on the platform, one user wrote, "She's had work done and I don't think she's happy with it..🤷‍♀️ she was beautiful without."

"I'm actually taking time to really be present with my family so posting is not really a priority right now," Mendes explained.

Mendes responded to the other user who claimed the actress had "work done." The actress wrote, "I'm not sure why I'm answering you but here I go."

"As far as getting work done, I'll do that whenever I please. But no, that's not the reason. The reason is I personally cannot juggle family and social media. So -big shocker -I choose family. Lotsa love to you out there," Mendes said.

One user praised the actress for putting her family first.

When announcing her social media break, the actress offered real parenting advice on her Instagram post. The caption also provided a quote that is relevant to her personal life.

"Let your kids call you out. It's not disrespect. It's healthy," the post said, originally from Twitter account Latinx Parenting. "Kids can be so fiercely aligned with their value that they will take nothing less than the respect they deserve. They will take no BS. Not even from you."

"Congratulations, you are raising an empowered child," the post said. Mendes shared that this was an "important reminder" after experiencing a personal moment when one of her daughters told her that she was using her phone a lot.

"I haven't posted lately because my little one told me I was on the phone too much," Mendes captioned the post. "I could tell she was taking it personally. And she's a kid, of course she'd take it personally. They take things personally unless we go out of our way to make it clear to them it's not personal."

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