Expert taster tells you which wine to pair with your excess Halloween candy

Glass of wine and chocolate
Glass of wine and chocolate Photo credit Getty Images

Chances are your kids rifled through all of their Halloween candy within hours of receiving it.

However, if you have some spare pieces laying around the house, Wine Enthusiast has put out a nifty list to help you pair those pieces of candy with a nice glass of wine!

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Fiona Adams, assistant tasting director at Wine Enthusiast, said, "Unlike your average dessert that has layered flavors and balance, candy is basically entirely sugar. All that sugary sweetness is delightful to eat, but it can make dry wines taste astringent and bitter."

For example, Adams recommends eating M&Ms with light, fruity, unoaked reds like Pinot Noir or Gamay; for Kit Kats, a nice Ruby Port, and for Starbursts, an off-dry Riesling.

Whatever your tastes, make sure you make a b-line to the toothbrush afterwards.

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