FGL's Brian Kelley and wife Brittany 'at peace' with no kids: 'It's really freeing and fun'

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Brian and Brittney Kelley
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It’s a tale as old as time - Boy meets girl, Boy and girl get married, girl keeps it real on social media about future plans for kids. Okay maybe not so much, but regardless, we’re here for it. As we imagine, at the moment you’re most likely confused, so we shall proceed with an explanation.

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Last week Brittney Kelley, wife to one half of the Florida Georgia Line duo Brian Kelley, got candid during an IG Story Q&A. Addressing fan questions on the topic of having kids, Kelley’s overall consensus was that at the moment, she and her hubby are just fine.

"We REALLY enjoy our life and being without kids right now!" she writes. "It's really freeing and fun being an adult and doing whatever you want in this chapter!”

Brittney also revealed, "I've been getting this question since we got married 8 years ago, which shouldn't be the case," she adds. "We shouldn't pressure women into answering because honestly WHO REALLY KNOWS other than God?”

Additionally sharing she feels "at peace if kids aren't in the plan for us.” Brittney noted that as for the future, "If it's in God's plan we do!” about eventually having kiddos. “I've been off birth control for over 5 years and we are definitely practicing but not actively ‘trying.'" Adding, “Not everyone is just able to get pregnant that easily!”

Brittney Kelley IG story Q&A
Photo credit @brittneykelley / via Instagram

Just as she chose to carve out some time for the Q&A, Brittney answered a fan question regarding how she and Brian maintain their private life as a couple while in the spotlight.

Saying, "I don't feel like my whole life is 'public' - for the most part we get to [choose] what we share publicly. Thankfully we aren't caught up in the 'Hollywood' of it all," she explained. "For the most part we try to put ourselves in positions to live a somewhat normal life off the road when not touring. We really enjoy just life's simple joys - coffee, bikes, beach, dogs, family, friends, fishing etc.”

Love that for them.

Brittney Kelley IG story Q&A
Photo credit @brittneykelley / via Instagram

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