RHCP's Flea pays tribute to his musical idol: 'I am so happy he exists'

Flea waxes poetically about his favorite musicians

“There’s a few musicians/writers/artists to have walked this earth who connect with me viscerally every time no matter what.”

That’s how Flea opened his latest Instagram post as he took to the social media outlet to share a tribute to the musicians that have profoundly impacted his life and career.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist went on to praise the artists “who (no matter my mood, regardless of my own sadness, fear and loneliness) awaken my highest self, lift me up, give me hope, and hold my hand through the labyrinth.”

He cited artists like Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Toni Morrison, Billie Holliday, and Nick Cave.

It wasn’t an out of the blue post for Flea. He took to Instagram to celebrate Cave on his birthday.

“The countless hours I have spent enrapt in a cocoon of feeling, hypnotized by any one of Nick Cave’s musical incarnations are an anchor for my survival,” he wrote.

“I am so happy he exists, he’s just my f*****g favorite and today I celebrate his birthday!”

His thoughtful post follows a lengthy tribute he recently published on Instagram dedicated to the late Chili Peppers guitarist Jack Sherman.

"He played the most wicked guitar part on our song Mommy Where’s Daddy, a thing that influenced the way I heard rhythm forever," he wrote at the time.

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