From the archives: David Bowie in 2004 on multiple realities and not taking your past too seriously

Look back at this fantastic interview from 2004 in celebration of Bowie's 75th birthday
David Bowie
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This Saturday (January 8), the world will honor what would have been musical icon David Bowie‘s 75th birthday. Since his passing in 2016, fans new and old have been keeping his flame burning bright with tributes, special events, and remembrances of the Thin White Duke.

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To celebrate this year, Audacy has unearthed an interview from when David Bowie joined host Lin Brehmer from the legendary WXRT in Chicago back in 2004 as he touched on looking back on your past self.

The interview came during the time when Bowie was marking the 30th anniversary of his eighth studio album Diamond Dogs. The album’s artwork depicts Bowie as a half-man, half-dog complete with his red Ziggy Stardust haircut.

Brehmer asked Bowie if he had any humor in looking over his past, which consisted of a large cast of characters. “How can you be serious of it?” Bowie exclaimed with a grand laugh.

Referencing the Diamond Dogs cover, Bowie laughed while reminiscing, “How can you be serious of a guy who’s half a dog with a red wig on his head? What do you get serious about? Which aspect of that? The tail maybe. The tail of the guy with the body of a dog and the hair of a red person.”

Audacy Archives: Listen below to our David Bowie interview from 2004

Bowie then segued by touching on a subject he was a master of his whole career. Reality. Specifically, what even constitutes reality?

“I remember having a very pure and really quite driven reality when I was 25,” Bowie recalled.

“Yet, it was almost the antithesis of the reality that I find that I have now and there must have been a kind of interaction between those. Somehow one morphed into the other, very slowly I guess over the years. So which one is substantial? Which one is real? They can’t both be real. Or, is it that you have two realities?”

Listen to the full, archived interview with David Bowie above, and be sure to celebrate this weekend by blasting some Ziggy Stardust into the atmosphere!

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