Rush Singer Geddy Lee in the Stands for Toronto Blue Jays Home Games

All the world's indeed a stage for Rush cardboard cutouts
By , Audacy

Geddy Lee shared a moment in the MLB limelight when cameras spotted a cardboard cutout of the Rush legend behind home plate at Tuesday night’s Toronto Blue Jays game.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Toronto baseball team is playing games in Buffalo, New York to avoid cross-border travel. Fans are not allowed to attend games, but the Blue Jays have placed a wave of cardboard cut-out fans in empty seats. One of those paper-based attendees just happened to be the bass God himself.

The team tweeted a picture of the regular season ticket holder in all his flat, shiny glory. He looks like a modern day fan with a mean, mean stride, cardboard Geddy Lee, mean team pride.

Teams across the MLB have pulled similar stunts. The Texas Rangers placed a cut out of late Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul at one of their games, and the father of late Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, Ray Burton, made cardboard appearance at a San Francisco Giants game.

The Blue Jays have a connection with Rush, a Canadian-based band, running deeper than air pockets in an Amazon cardboard box. Toronto catcher and Rush fan Caleb Joseph tweeted an epic tribute to the band’s late drummer, Neil Peart, a few months back. Joseph set up a mock drum kit using training equipment for a spot on impersonation.

COVID-19 has Rush fans escaping to the music during these challenging times. A recent YouTube video showcases 15 minutes of Neil Peart’s drumming.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Winter/Getty Images