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Your guide to a binge-worthy weekend
Ryan Reynolds
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With The Adam Project now just days away from release, what better time to look into the back catalog of one of Hollywood's most popular and enigmatic stars.

Ryan Reynolds' notoriously personable nature and unique sense of humor have helped him construct a career that spans far beyond the silver screen, with the Canadian also having ventured into the business world, and somewhat unexpectedly, the co-ownership of a lower league professional soccer team in the U.K.

Turning our attention back to his exploits on the screen, here are five Reynolds-related recommendations to watch this weekend:

Green Lantern, 2011

Just kidding, it's notoriously terrible.

Deadpool, 2016

Looking back, Deadpool really set a trend for, the now common, self-aware/meta comedies that aren't afraid to push the boundaries with comedy and frequently break the fourth wall.

A movie that took the best part of 15 years to go from the meeting rooms to theaters, Deadpool follows a former special forces operative gone rogue, played of course by Reynolds. The movie follows Wade Wilson as he goes through his transition to the unflappable superhero-of-sorts Deadpool.

A rip-roaring comedy from start to finish that manages to tug on the heartstrings along the way, Deadpool can be streamed via subscription on Hulu.

Red Notice, 2021

One of Reynolds' most recent blockbusters, Red Notice features a star-studded cast and yet more of the Canadian's trademark comedy.

Red Notice follows an FBI profiler, played by Dwayne Johnson, as he attempts to track down a notorious art thief, played by Reynolds. As was to be expected, the two form an unlikely bond as circumstances force this unlikely duo to work together and try to catch yet another renowned art thief, played by Gal Gadot.

Again, hilarious from start to finish with a few unexpected twists and turns along the way, Red Notice can be streamed via subscription on Netflix.

The Hitmans Bodyguard, 2017

Another easy to watch comedy featuring an unlikely friendship between Reynolds and an A-lister, The Hitman's Bodyguard sees Reynolds play a high-end bodyguard for hire who is tasked with transporting a dangerous hitman, played by Samuel L. Jackson, from the U.K. to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands where he is set to testify in a high-profile case.

While this may not be an award-winner destined to be studied by film students in decades to come, The Hitman's Bodyguard, much like Red Notice, offers a couple of hours of harmless, hilarious escapism - what more can you ask for?

The Hitman's Bodyguard can be watched via subscription on Sling TV.

The Amityville Horror, 2005

Taking a sharp turn away from Reynolds' typical light-hearted comedic roles, The Amityville Horror is a remake of its namesake from 1979.

Based on the well-known story of a family who swiftly left their Long Island home claiming it was possessed, the movie follows Reynolds' George Lutz, his wife Kathy, played by Melissa George, and their young family as they move into this seemingly idyllic home.

The family quickly realizes that this house, previously the site of the murders of six members of the same family, is not all it seems.

If you're in the mood for horror and want to see Reynolds tackle a more serious role, The Amityville Horror can be streamed via subscription on Hulu.

The Proposal, 2009

Taking a swift diversion in the genre once more, The Proposal was one of the movies that helped Reynolds make a name for himself.

Your typical romantic story of a couple that initially isn't meant to be but ultimately finds that perhaps they're perfect for one another, The Proposal is an uplifting light-hearted rom-com, perfect for a slow weekend.

Plus, if nothing else, this movie is a great opportunity to admire the genius that was Betty White in a role that seemed to blossom an unlikely friendship between her and Reynolds.

Will this employer/employee relationship go from sham to reality? Find out via subscription on Amazon Prime Video.

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