Hip-Hop Made: Cam'ron reveals it was Fat Joe who made him say, 'this Hip-Hop s*** is real'

'Fat Joe was the only one that I’d seen with a deal when I was in junior high school'
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Joining in on the celebration of 50 years of Hip-Hop, Harlem bred rapper Cam’ron shared the first song (or two) that made him fall in love with Hip-Hop, and a moment in his life that made him say “this is Hip-Hop.”

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“The first song I ever heard the made me fall in love with Hip-Hop was ‘AJ,’” talking about “AJ Scratch” and  “a song called ‘Basketball’ by Kurtis Blow. I was about five or six years old, but I was like… ‘I f***ing love this song,’ it’s called ‘AJ’ Kurtis Blow and ‘Basketball’… those two songs.”

As for that “this is Hip-Hop” moment, Cam’ron revealed it was “when I seen Fat Joe in my neighborhood.” He continued, “y’know you hear a lot of rappers and you see a lot of rappers, but when I was young Fat Joe was the only one that I’d seen with a deal when I was in junior high school. So it made me say, this Hip-Hop s*** is real."

“When I seen Fat Joe and he had the song ‘Flow Joe’ out, with the MPV, I’d seen him in my neighborhood,” he reiterated, “that was Hip-Hop.”

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