Hip-Hop Made: Richard Sherman explains how Hip-Hop made him 'feel seen'

'They were speaking about what you were seeing every day'
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As part of our celebration of Hip-Hop’s journey through the years, artists, cities, events, and stories, we're asking artists, actors, athletes, and more to share some of their firsts when it comes to the influential and trailblazing genre and culture that is Hip-Hop on Audacy's Hip-Hop Made.

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Joining in on the celebration and conversation, football star Richard Sherman shared all about the influence Hip-Hop has had on him.

Growing up in Compton, listening to the likes of N.W.A., Tupac, and Snoop Dogg, Richard was surrounded and heavily influenced by the West Coast sound.

“I was born and raised in Watts, so I was in the mix, y’know 93rd and Clovis," Sherman shares. "So, you know, you identify with it because they were speaking about your environment. They were speaking about what you were seeing every day.”

"I guess when you’re other places, or not in the environment, you may see and you’re like ‘oh my God’… it’s frightening, but to people living in that environment, its like your telling a story," he continues. "You feel seen, you feel heard, you feel like somebody is expressing your trials and tribulations. And not that its the best thing in the world, not that its a fun place to live, but thats where home is, you don’t have a choice, that's where the stork dropped you off."

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