Hoda Kotb Left Speechless by Tracy Morgan's Quarantine Updates on 'TODAY'

By , Audacy

There's never a dull moment with Tracy Morgan.

Hoda Kotb did not expect the answers she received when she asked Morgan about how his family is handling the quarantine.

The comedian and actor joined the “TODAY" show via satellite video to promote the third season of his series, “The Last OG,” but talk of the current coronavirus pandemic took precedence.

Kotb was left speechless as Morgan shared intimate updates of his and his wife’s quarantine, trying her best to navigate and keep things professional on live television.

"Me and my wife been quarantining it for like three weeks so she's pregnant three times," he said. "Every week she got pregnant."

"OK," Kotb responded with a laugh.

Her efforts to steer the conversation towards a more family-friendly direction failed as Morgan continued to detail the couple's "role-playing."

“We’re role-playing, she’s playing the young maiden whose grandfather was infected with coronavirus, and I’m the scientist who discovered the cure. And she’d do anything to save her grandfather’s life, and I mean anything,” he shared.

Hoda was clearly uncomfortable but maintained her composure and ushered the interview along to ask him about his animals.

Morgan revealed that he wanted to get all of his pets tested. While the CDC said animals are unlikely to get coronavirus, a tiger tested positive at a Bronx zoo over the weekend.

The comedian, who spent a lot of time at the hospital following his car accident in 2015, also sent love to healthcare workers who are on the frontlines fighting the novel virus.

“I spent a lot of time in the hospital, and I know what goes on in there, and I know the people work hard to take care of you,” he told the host adding, “I’m very proud of them, they’re my heroes, like I said, while we’re running out of the burning building, the firemen are running in.”

With much of the nation criticizing President Trump and how he’s handling the virus, Morgan asked the public to offer some sympathy and stop blaming others during this trying and uncertain time.

“We all got to pull together as people,” he said.

Morgan, who has been making the rounds to promote his series, also took on the “Late Night Show with Seth Rogen,” where they began discussing everyone’s current binge watching obsession, “Tiger King.”

When asked if Morgan enjoyed the Netflix docu-series, Morgan responded, “that’s my family.”

Rogen attempted to clarify the relationship, and Morgan said Joe Exotic, the man at the center of the murder-for-hire plot against arch-nemesis and animal activist, Carole Baskin, was his uncle.

Morgan explained his comments were comedic-relief as a result of “cabin fever.”

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