HOME SCHOOLED: Sam Smith Is Sending Love and Trying to Cook

A look inside the singer’s self-isolation

Just because many of us have hit the pause button on going out, doesn’t mean we should stop trying to better ourselves. Sam Smith is at home with his sister, practicing social distancing and struggling through a few tough but necessary activities.

“I hate exercise, so much, with a passion” the “How Do You Sleep?” singer shares in the latest installment in our “Home Schooled” series, offering up what they learned while being at home. “This morning I woke up and didn’t want to do it, but if you get up and you just do a little bit I promise you you’ll feel a little bit happier.”

Sam is rarely home, but using this time to binge-watch some shows, delighting in Tiger King like the rest of us, and making lists of what to watch next. “I find making lists and notes on your phone and everything is really really helpful,” Smith adds. “Every night before you go to bed just write a little list of what you have to do the next day, which helps the days past.”

Sam's also cooking, “as much as I can, I’m pretty bad at that too,” Smith admits. And one or two nights a week, indulging in a drink. “If you fancy. That’s always nice,” Sam smiles.

Just like all of us, Sam Smith is still figuring out how to navigate these uncertain times, but the message is very clear. “Please please, most importantly more than all of this stuff, stay safe,” they insists.

“Stay safe and keep spreading that love for all of the health workers and all of the people who are out there working. Those people do not give enough credit. When the coronavirus wasn’t around they didn’t get any credit, and now they’re literally keeping us afloat and guiding us through this this very weird and uncomfortable time.”

You can see more from Sam Smith in the video above, and see all of our “Home Schooled” videos here.

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