Lenny Kravitz explains how Lisa Bonet influenced his first album 'Let Love Rule'

Lenny Kravitz
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Lenny Kravitz is a musical icon, but it wasn’t immediately easy for him to crank out his first album. His relationship with Lisa Bonet helped get the process going.

During a conversation with Rick Rubin on Pushkin and Cadence13’s “Broken Record,” Kravitz opened up about what it was like to finally get the creative juices flowing in a way that would result in his first album, “Let Love Rule.”

“At that time I was hustling. I was trying to do studio work,” Kravitz explained. “Then I found a gig that was pretty good I would make demos for people.” He went on to explain that people would come to him in need of demo work, and he would play the instruments, record it, and put it all together for them.

Then, Kravitz fell in love with Lisa Bonet.

“And then during the time when Lisa and I got together, we were having just an incredible, incredible relationship. A lot of magic and supernatural vibes around us and love, creativity,” he explained. He went on to move in with her.

“And I moved into her house in Venice at that time, and I put all my instruments in a room and it just all came to me. Those songs started downloading,” Kravitz said. And despite his past and the myriad of things he experienced that he could draw from, it was the love between Kravitz and Bonet that brought the album to fruition.

“From all my experiences that I had before that, everybody that I had seen, everybody that I had heard, all the life that I lived, and then it was our life and our love that opened up that portal and ‘Let Love Rule’ spilled out,” Kravitz said.

To this day, there’s one part of the creative process that Kravitz gravitates toward the most. When asked about his favorite part, Kravitz responded, “Recording, man. I love the studio. I still love the studio as much as I did when I was a kid.”

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