EXCLUSIVE: How Love, Positivity, and Slipknot Influenced Mongolian Rock Band The HU

Getting to know the latest global rock sensation

With millions of views on YouTube and surprising famous fans like Elton John, Mongolian rock band The HU have quickly become international stars. The foursome’s unique blend of traditional style of Mongolian throat singing and playing a horsehead fiddle, combined with rock sensibility taught to them through the best bands of the past generation, The HU are just beginning to tap into something special in the states.

As the group makes their way across the country, we caught up with them for a special performance and a deeper look into just who is The HU.

“The HU is the root word for human being,” the group explains through a translator in the exclusive RADIO.COM interview above, adding that the simple addition of a different letter here or there gives the word limitless possibilities. “We wanted to include everybody, that’s why we wanted to call our name HU."

The idea of being universal, bound by love and the human experience is something that flows through all members of the group. It’s not something that jumps off the page when you see them scaling mountains, harmonizing within their own throat as they pluck a fiddle made of horse tail, but it’s impossible to deny once you start to talk with them.

“We are here to share our culture, and love, and positive energy that we brought from Mongol Steppe,” they offer as a message for their US fans. “We’d like to share this love and this message with everybody. We want to reach as many people as possible, in our message of loving and respecting our ancestors, elders - protecting this nature and be united to do something good for this world.”

With all these good vibes and traditional appreciations, you wonder where these four from Mongolia got their ferocious rock abilities, their menacing sense of shred, and general uncompromising attitude. They got it from Metallica, and Slipknot, and all the greats - just like we all did.

All four members of The HU are professional musicians, all doing conservatories and being traditionally trained, but on top of classical music and Mongolian music, they found a love for rock.

“We always had this love for metal music,” they explain through their translator.
“Metallica, Slipknot, System Of A Down, Korn, Tool, Foo Fighters, Marilyn Manson, the list goes on.”

The HU continue their first North American tour into December, making their way across the country before heading to Europe in 2020. They set out to be big, carrying this message of love, but never knew it could be like this.

“As any other band, we had our dreams and we wanted to get big. We were working hard to show the beauty of Mongolian culture in music,” they explain. “Yeah, we expected some kind of success, but not like this, this fast. We’re very happy.”

You can check out two exclusive performances from The HU below, and find their list of upcoming tour dates here.

"Yuve Yuve Yu"


"Shireg Shireg"


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