Badflower Prepares for First Headlining Tour - What They Learned From Shinedown

Plus: the drawbacks of bringing a dog on the road

It’s been a big year for Badflower. The hard rockers from Southern California continued their ascent with the release of their debut LP OK, I’M SICK in February. They spent the summer on the road with Shinedown, and now they’re preparing for their first-ever headlining tour.

That’s a lot to happen in a matter of months, but Badflower says the time spent with Shinedown was educational; they learned to tour comfortably and respect all the bands on the bill.

“Sometimes you do a tour and you support a headliner and you never really get to talk to them or meet them, or you can’t go down this hallway, and they’re just like the nicest guys ever,” drummer Anthony Sonetti said of Shinedown.

“Also, spend all of your money on your production,” frontman Josh Katz added. “Spend every ounce of money that you have on your stage show because it’s worth it. They go big.”

Badflower’s fall tour begins September 28 in Louisville and runs through November 2 in Pittsburgh. You can get the full list of dates here.

So how did the band that wears its emotions on its sleeve get to this point? Several singles were released in the year leading up to OK, I’M SICK, but Sonetti thinks Badflower really started taking off the day “Ghost” was released. The song went to #2 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

Listen to an exclusive live performance of the single below, and in our interview above, the band talks about their diverse influences and the drawbacks of bringing a dog on tour.