Silk Sonic’s Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak tell us how they're celebrating their album debut

Watch as the duo discusses 'Leave the Door Open' and it's magical quality, plus what they are doing to celebrate their album release
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Silk Sonic’s album, An Evening with Silk Sonic, is finally here! After three singles, multiple wide lapel suits, and a live performance at the 2021 GRAMMYs, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have bestowed all nine tracks from their collaborative project upon us.

During a Check In with Audacy’s Julia, the duo spoke about what they would be doing to celebrate the arrival of Silk Sonic’s first record. In their naturally playful banter between one another Bruno, joked, “I am going to dress up like Andy,” referring to one of Anderson’s many Halloween costumes this year, where he perfectly mimicked Bruno’s 24KMagic album cover and look.

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Early into 2021, Mars and .Paak introduced us to their modern-day Philadelphia Soul sound and the world of Silk Sonic with their lead single, “Leave the Door Open,” which quite literally busted the door open for the band’s impending success but also left new fans quickly craving more.

“'Leave the Door Open’ is one of those special ones,” said Mars, adding, “It was important that we let I breathe… I think we were all in a weird place with the pandemic, and the fact that we had a number one during the pandemic is incredible… the fact that we go to perform it, sing it, and people loved it on the radio… you can’t tell us we didn’t win!”

Bruno doubled down on the idea that “Leave the Door Open” contains a type of lighting in a bottle energy, saying, “we’ll never be able to write another ‘Leave the Door Open’ again, so it was important we let this live until we were ready to put the whole album out.”

Now, with the full record available for our listening pleasures, many are already clamoring to know if we will get tour opportunities from the groovy duo. Technically, the whole body of work is supposed to take listeners through a night of entertainment with Bruno and Anderson, with Bootsy Collins as our host. The collection of nine tracks should make us feel like we’ve been whisked away to a lounge somewhere back in 1974, as we are crooned by a pair of smooth and suave musicians.

Mars explained, “I think it’s what the people want. I mean, the album actually is the tour. That was our whole process behind the album, was thinking how do we make people feel like they’re at an evening with Silk Sonic.”

Watch Silk Sonic’s full interview above and start listening to An Evening with Silk Sonic now.

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