How the Spice Girls came to spice up our lives: A look back with the 'She Will Rock You' podcast

Buckle up for a blast from the past in this 90s fueled rule breaker episode!
1997 The Spice Girls take center stage in their feature film debut, the Columbia Pictures Presentation of "Spice World."
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After starting things off with talk of tattoos, Bethanne Tarpley and Leah Jones, co-hosts of the She Will Rock You podcast, switched things up to discuss what is possibly one of our favorite topics of all time — the Spice Girls.

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For those wondering what the Spice Girls have to do with Rock (which is the main topic of their podcast,) Leah says, “it’s my show, I’ll do what I want.” But on that same note, while their music doesn’t fit into to that particular genre of music, Mel B, Melanie C, Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell, and Victoria Beckham's actions and idgaf (ahead of its time for a girl group) attitude sure does.

“They are the band that indoctrinated all of us millennial feminists when we were six,” Leah said. Before going on to tell the in-depth story of how the band, that inspired us all as kids and made us “Wannabe” them or with them, was formed. Despite all the odds being stacked against them, they still achieved success. Going on to dominate the world, and spice up our lives, before ultimately breaking up.

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Rock and roll is not dead. It’s very much alive and well. If you need further proof, listen along to She Will Rock You podcast as Bethanne Tarpley and Leah Jones tell the stories of bands that were famous before they were born, badass women in the music industry and interview new acts you need to know!

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