Romy of The xx on her Coachella solo debut and new single: 'It’s an exciting place to try new things'

'It feels really different'

In an exclusive interview with Nicole Alvarez from Los Angeles' KROQ, The xx’s Romy talks about her feelings on performing solo, and at Coachella 2023 no less!

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After having performed with her band The xx at the festival back in 2017, the indie electronic singer returned to Coachella to make her first, solo debut performance. When asked about the change away from performing with her brothers, Romy expressed that, while she is indeed nervous, she’s also excited to be on her own.

“It feels really different,” Romy said of this year’s performance. “I’m so grateful to have been able to play three times with The xx, and to have gotten to play on the main stage last time was like a dream… it’s really fun and daunting to come back by myself and do something different and DJ”

“I’ve worked out a show specifically for this” she revealed. “I’ve set myself a bit of a challenge, but [Coachella’s] an exciting place to try new things, I think.” We would later find out that the show she created included three of her own originals as the set closers- “Lifetime,” “Strong,” and her most recent release, “Enjoy Your Life.”

The single, which was inspired by a lyric in Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s “La Vita” - “My mother says to me, ‘Enjoy your life’”- turned out to be surprisingly personal for the DJ and singer. “It was hard to know what the [music] video should be for that song, because it is so personal.” she told Alvarez. “In the end I just felt… I’ve always been quite private but it felt like the right time to be more open.”

As for what the future holds, Romy seems to be content in pursuing the solo life. “Well, I’ve really missed singing and I’ve been DJing a lot, so that’s a clue” she said.

Be sure to check out the whole interview with Nicole Alvarez above.

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