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'As big of a rock star as Jack White was, she was equally transcendent'
Meg White of The White Stripes
Meg White of The White Stripes Photo credit Jeff Gentner/Getty Images
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In a bonus episode of the Sound Opinions podcast, author and hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot take some time to weigh in on the recent discussion surrounding 2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominee Meg White's drumming abilities.

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Today on Sound Opinions, we get a bonus episode dedicated to The White Stripes' Meg White following last week's social media fray sparked by a journalist once again bashing Meg's performance style. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot make the case that Meg is a great drummer and offers up a pointed musical selection for anyone who says otherwise.

Obsession is a great place to start, speaking of the commentary recently shared publicly regarding the technique and musical abilities of our favorite bands and artists. There is without a doubt an importance to be placed on perfection, but it's not the be-all, end-all.

Twenty years after the arrival of The White Stripes, and amid their first Rock Hall nomination, the debate continues with fans and fellow artists coming to the defense of Meg's brilliantly simplistic style, while others fanned the flames.

Hosts Jim and Greg both agree that although there was not a lot of technical prowess displayed in her drumming, Meg was the "perfect drummer for that band [who] did exactly what those songs needed," and was the person to watch during The White Stripes' live sets. "As big of a rock star as Jack White was, she was equally transcendent."

"Rock and Roll," Greg adds, "has never been about 'who's got the greatest technique?' It's about the spirit and idea and attitude as much as it is about your technical chops. And Meg White was, again, the perfect drummer for that band."

Offering up one song as evidence, Greg features the dynamic call-and-response of The White Stripes' "I Think I Smell A Rat," and the marvelous space created by the interplay of Jack's voice and guitar, and Meg's drums, which are her voice.

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