Jake Owen is on a mission to introduce younger fans to the music of his idols

The fascinating origin story of what inspired him to do so

Jake Owen recently joined Audacy’s Coop on Coop’s Rockin’ Country Saturday Night and discussed his love of putting cover songs on social media and how he chooses which songs make the cut.

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Their conversation started out about his latest album Greetings from… Jake, which has given Owen two number one singles to date.“I was really proud of this album top to bottom,” he tells Coop. “It was really my first album coming back [and] changing record labels, getting back with my producer Joey Moi. Joey’s the guy that I started ‘Barefoot Blue Jean Night’ with and all those hit songs.”

“We took a little break from one each other to make music aside from each other and both realized that that probably wasn’t a good idea,” he added. “When we came back and started working together again, everything just took off. It’s been a special album for me.”

Owen will occasionally put covers of songs that he loves on Instagram, which recently included a cover of “That’s Just Jessie” by Kevin Denney. While there’s an admiration for the music that draws Owen to it, he recalls an experience he had as a kid that he holds tight to his chest to this day.

“Everyone knows the big hit songs by a lot of these artists, but I think it’s important for us as artists that have followed in those artists footsteps to bring back up some of the songs that made me a fan and in turn help these people that are listening to my music,” he said.

“I’ll never forget growing up as a kid - I loved Alan Jackson, and I loved George Strait,” Jake added.

“I used to wonder, what was Alan Jackson into or what was George Strait into? Then you dig into that and you realize that Alan Jackson loved Merle Haggard. As a kid, I didn’t listen to Merle Haggard, but thanks to Alan Jackson telling me about it as a fan, I found Merle Haggard’s music.”

Owen hopes that he can have the same effect on someone who stumbles upon his Instagram account. “I hope to do the same for younger kids growing up to introduce them to music they may not be into.”

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