What’s next for the James Bond franchise? Producer says ‘we’ll figure that one out’

Daniel Craig attends the World Premiere of "NO TIME TO DIE" at the Royal Albert Hall on September 28, 2021 in London, England
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Well Idris Elba, Tom Holland, Ryan Reynolds, and your friend who gravitates towards “Bond, James Bond” jokes whenever he’s forced to wear a tux -- hope springs eternal.

Barbara Broccoli, producer of the latest Bond film, “No Time to Die,” guarantees that the beloved secret agent will be back in action again.

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At the Contenders Film: New York film event in Queens, NY on December 4, Broccoli was joined virtually by fellow producer Michael G Wilson as well as co-star Rami Malek, special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, and production designer Mark Tildesley.

Contenders is a panel event that highlights the latest awards season films, but the discussion of the current Bond hit turned towards the future of the franchise.

Broccoli declared: “You can rest assured James Bond will be back.”

“No Time to Die” was Daniel Craig’s last go-round as the suave secret agent. And every 15 years or so, the fear of no more Bond movies is quickly supplanted with rumors of who will be the next lucky actor to portray him.

Broccoli admitted that the stewards of the franchise don’t yet know how 007 will return after Craig’s swansong. “We’ll figure that one out, but he will be back,” said the producer.

Wilson noted that the film’s release timing was fortuitous. “We’re so lucky that we hit the sweet spot and got it in the cinemas at the right time and the public was ready to go back to the cinema again and see films where they deserve to be, in the theater.”

Per Deadline, even James Bond couldn’t beat Covid. “No Time to Die” went through four release-date changes amid the pandemic before finally getting its world premiere at London’s Royal Albert Hall in September and eventually opening to $113 million overseas. The North American rollout began in early October. By mid-November, it became the biggest Hollywood title of 2021 and of the pandemic worldwide and grossed $756M through November 28.

Malek, who played the latest Bond villain, Lyutsifer Safin, sounded like he’d do it all again, though traditionally, there’s a new Bond villain in each film.

“I usually just try to find some way in [to the character] through empathy, and sympathy, and finding a way into that person’s moral compass, and it was quite difficult with Safin. I think, fortunately, we don’t share very similar DNA. So it felt like a stretch, and that was fun. I love a transformation and that’s what it felt like. I had to be almost the opposite of what Daniel was bringing, the antithesis of that, so that was a bit of a North Star in my own way as well.”

Corbould talked about the determination to keep an emphasis on real stunts with not too much reliance on CGI -- a trait of Bond films that fans truly appreciate.

“On the James Bond films,” said the special effects supervisor, “we’ve always had that mantra that we would not get too fantastical, but that’s what we achieved… the DB5 chase, the end sequence, the sinking trawler, it was all really powerful stuff. And it’s really important the special effects are not fantastical and don’t take us out of the script and the characters.”

Now that we know there will be another Bond film, here’s hoping they’ll remain true to the hallmarks that Bond fanatics love. And here’s also hoping that Omicron isn’t the next villain to keep Bond out of theaters again.

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