James Corden details his unusual hygiene habit: 'That is a true story'

James Corden
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Who knew celebrity hygiene would be a trending topic?

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Add “The Late Late Show” host James Corden to the growing list of famous people who seem to skimp when it comes to soap.

As Page Six reported, on a recent episode of his show, Corden revealed that he only washes his hair once every two months.

That gnarly nugget came up as Corden was describing the recent edict sent out to Californians to go easy on water usage, especially in the shower, in order to preserve local water supply – a fairly common occurrence in the state, especially during the warmer months.

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Corden was especially struck by one particular detail in the announcement – that the average Californian spends 10 minutes in the shower. The stat flummoxed Corden, as he claimed he spends much less.

“I’m in and out [of the shower] in a solid three or four," said the "Carpool Karaoke" mastermind.

Once some of the stage crew chimed in that it depends on if they’re washing their hair or not, Corden dropped this coif bomb. “I use soap, but I don’t wash my hair,” Corden exclaimed. “I wash it every two months. That is a true story.”

Well, now we know how he keeps those showers so brief.

​​As the crew then started tossing “nasty” and “dirty” comments his way, Corden rushed to defend his shower routine.

Admittedly, Corden does rock a neo-pompadour, and as any old rockabilly fanatic will tell you, the core of keeping the top high is, simply, to not wash it. At least Corden is rinsing his hair out with water.

Frankly, other recent celebrity clean-up habits seem even more unusual. The last year was a litany of famous filth.

Jake Gyllenhaal admitted he didn’t think regular bathing was “necessary.” Other stars then shared that they can get a little lax when it comes to their kids. Like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher who said they only bathe their children when they “see the dirt on them,” while fellow actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard said that they’ll wait until their daughters literally “stink” before plopping them into the tub.

And then there was Oscar winner Benedict Cumberbatch who stopped bathing for the entire filming of his recent hit, “The Power of the Dog" -- though admittedly that was for some intense, method acting reasons as Cumberbatch wanted to imitate the lifestyle of a 1920s cowboy.

Corden will have more time next year to take longer showers, as he recently announced that the end of the 2023 season of "The Late Late Show" will be his last.

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