Jane Fonda says she's not too concerned with aging: 'You can be really young at 85'

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda attend the Los Angeles Special FYC Event For Netflix's "Grace And Frankie" at NeueHouse Los Angeles on April 23, 2022 in Hollywood, California
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Considering her legendary aerobics workout routine and the fact that she looks so great at 85, most people don’t really associate Jane Fonda and aging in the same sentence.

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But recently, when confronted with a question about getting up there in years, Fonda declared calmly, "I'm super-conscious that I'm closer to death. And it doesn't really bother me that much."

The fact that her Netflix series with Lily Tomlin, “Grace and Frankie,” is about to close out its final season might have added to the philosophizing in a recent interview with Fonda on “CBS Sunday Morning.

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Nevertheless, the ever-positive actress took a humorous approach to the deep queries.

"What bothers me is that my body is, you know, basically not mine!" she admitted. "My knees are not mine, my hips are not mine, my shoulder's not mine. You're looking at somebody who's only me from here up."

Within her next off-handed comment, she revealed some more tidbits about what she can and can't do anymore, with that positive spin.

"The fact that I'm still alive and working, wow” said Fonda, “who cares if I don't have my old joints? And I can't ski or bike or run anymore? Enh. You know, you can be really old at 60, and you can be really young at 85. Health!"

People caught up with Tomlin last week at her Hand and Footprint Ceremony at the TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood, an event that no doubt brought up many feelings of nostalgia and reflection.

Tomlin noted that the center of “Grace and Frankie” was very much about aging, but that it is something to be accepted rather than feared.

"The show was offered to us,” said the actress. “And I just knew we would do it because it was about something that was important to us – aging women and them not being marginalized and being treated like human beings and how they would want to be treated and thought of."

Of course with aging can come surprises you didn’t expect, and Tomlin admitted the whole show was a surprise.

"I didn't even expect, she didn't expect it either,” Tomlin admitted about “Grace and Frankie” and its longevity. “We didn't expect to be on a hit series at this point in our lives.”

As Entertainment Tonight reported, Fonda did diverge a bit from her irreverent air when introducing Tomlin at the ceremony, as she said to the crowd, "I can't stop crying. I'm very moved to be here. It's a real honor."

"Grace and Frankie," Netflix's longest running original series, airs its final episode on April 29.

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