Rosanne Cash Responds After Johnny Cash's Granddaughter Gets Heckled for Wearing a Mask

'The ignorance and hatred is so painful. She's trying to survive'

Roseanne Cash took to social media to share a story about how her daughter was taunted at a grocery store for wearing a mask.

“My daughter lives in Nashville & wore her mask to buy groceries. Guy yells at her: ‘Liberal p****!'" she wrote in a tweet.

“Back story: she nearly died of H1N1. She was in the ICU for a week, on a ventilator for 3 days. She CANNOT get covid. The ignorance & hatred is so painful. She’s trying to survive.”

The CDC currently recommends individuals wear cloth face coverings when out in public places like grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Immediately, Twitter users came in support of Johnny Cash’s granddaughter. “Imagine some idiot calling Johnny Cash’s granddaughter a p****,” Patricia Arquette wrote. “May the ghost of Johnny Cash hound him all of his days!!”

Cash revealed that she was reprimanded for not wearing a mask while having a socially-distanced visit with friends.

“We took our masks off and they sat on the bottom of the stoop and we sat on the top and had wine and cake. We haven’t seen many people outside of Zoom so it was really fun. (We still got reprimanded by a passerby for not wearing masks while visiting. 😷😬)” she wrote on Instagram.

Cash has used her time in quarantine to evaluate life as a touring musician. “Touring is a high-risk business for disease transmission,” she wrote in an essay for The Atlantic. “Airports, airplanes, hotels, restaurants, backstage catering, dressing rooms, stage crews, drivers, meet and greets, equipment—every single moment and surface is risky.”

Despite the risks that come with performing, the euphoria that comes with achieving a magical music moment is irreplaceable. “It turns out that when I’m performing, I have only half the available light; the audience has the other half,” she said.

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