Chlöe gets 'vulnerable and honest' with debut album 'In Pieces'

'I've been working on this music for so long and its been so close to my heart and finally people are gonna get a peek into who Chlöe is'
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In celebration of dropping her debut album In Pieces, Chlöe stopped by the Audacy studios for a Check-In with Bru.

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For a bit of background… Over the last couple of years, Chlöe has released a steady stream of singles, leading her to this very moment of her impending album’s release. First, starting with her 2021 solo debut single, “Have Mercy,” which she followed up the following year with “Treat Me,” “Surprise,” and finally “For the Night.” All of which were scrapped from the album following the release of "Pray It Away," which was dubbed as the album's new lead single.

As Chlöe explained to a curious tweeter, while she still loves those tracks, the album had evolved past the sound of those previous singles.

Now that Chlöe’s long-awaited debut solo album has finally arrived, the singer is chatting with us all about it, the direction it took, what she learned about her self along the way, and more.

“I’ve been working on this music for so long and its been so close to my heart and finally people are gonna get a peek into who Chlöe is,” the singer said. “My heart and my mind, and my innermost deepest darkest thoughts, so it’s a little nerve-racking. But, I hope this project brings healing to people who listen, just as much as it healed me creating it.”

“The theme of the project is definitely about self-love and figuring that out through heartbreak. Whether that's someone you’re in a relationship with, romantic relationship or even friends and family,” Chlöe shared. “When you go through situation and in life and you go through people stabbing you in the back. Or you go through learning that you can’t trust people you thought you could always trust. It does a lot to you and your mental and your self-identity.”

Chlöe went on to add, “I created this project and was really so vulnerable and honest because I can’t expect people’s intentions to be as honest and real as mine are. That’s gotten me into a lot of trouble, and because of that I was like ‘you know what… there’s nothing wrong with how I love, I just have to set healthy boundaries,’ and that’s really what the project is about.”

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Discussing the differences that went into creating this album as a solo project, apart from her sister Halle, Chlöe admitted that when it came to technical aspects of engineering, producing, and writing, nothing really differed. However, as far as the emotional and mental aspects went, “a lot changed.”

“I had separation anxiety from my sister, I went through doubting even my voice and tonality of it, wondering if people would think me on my own is interesting enough to listen to.” She went through wondering “do people even want to see me on the stage like our group is so special, what if people just think it's not anything? So I went through a lot of self-doubt, and people even in my personal life telling me I couldn’t do it… So it was a lot of trials and tribulations mentally that I had to overcome to finally be able to present this body of work. So it's more than just like — oh you’re gonna hear these songs I put together, it’s my life in this body, to be honest with you.”

Chlöe also went on to share how it feels to have Missy Elliott featured on one of her songs, how she gets some of her inspiration from “spilling tea” with her sis, and that despite somewhat wanting to scold her younger self who hoped for a few heartbreaks to write some songs, Chlöe message to her would be — “you’re beautiful and you’re worthy, and to believe in yourself and stop putting yourself on the back burner for others.”

For all that and more, Chlöe’s experience spending time with SZA and Rosalía at Billboard Women in Music, and working with Donald Glover, check out the entire Check In above.

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