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Måneskin 'are really carrying the flag and are standard-bearers for a new generation of Rock N' Roll' says Morello
Måneskin and Tom Morello
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Italian rockers Måneskin recently released their third studio album, RUSH!, led by the explosive single "GOSSIP," which features Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello on guitar. Since we're planning on having this record on repeat all year, we figured getting some of the finer details ironed out with the band would be a good start.

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Today, Audacy host Nicole Alvarez is joined by Måneskin members Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio, as well as Tom Morello, to talk about their collaborative work and much more now that Māneskin's latest is out in the world.

"There's a lot of Italian energy," Morello jokes at the beginning of their chat. After a whirlwind 2021 getting to perform at the biggest festivals, receiving a GRAMMY nod, and getting to work with a Rock icon, singer Damiano David says the feeling is "amazing for us. All the work that we put in for the last two years is coming to us at the end... also having the chance to play with Tom and to meet other huge, huge, artists of course makes us feel amazingly happy."

Morello admits that what drew him to Måneskin was the way the band, "has that energy to it... it's the reason when you first love music and first want to play Rock N' Roll. You have posters on your wall and strum a tennis racket -- they evoke that in an audience." Tom adds, "it's great that they are really carrying the flag and are standard-bearers for a new generation of Rock N' Roll."

"I first heard about them from the big hit song 'Beggin'," Morello continues, "and then had the opportunity to jam with them and it's really a great band. Some of them have known each other since 12 years old, they began playing on the streets of Rome at 15 -- it's called 'busking.' Americans might know it as playing for change on the street. It's a real band that has really paid their dues and it's just great to see -- and we always have a lot of fun playing together."

Speaking of the new album, RUSH!, bassist Vittoria De Angelis says that when the group got together to record the new release, they simply went into the studio to start jamming. "We didn't even plan on what song or anything, it was just for the fun of it and doing something together. Then it all came naturally and all the pieces came together." Guitarist Thomas Raggi agrees, adding that working with Tom in the same room had the exact same energy. "It's why you sign up to do it to begin with," Morello interjects. "You're just doing it because it comes naturally and you have a great time playing together."

Also, Tom adds, “It’s an unusual thing in 2023 to have a Rock n’ Roll band that has songs on the radio. Then to have a song on the radio that has not one, but two guitar solos in it. It really is an anomaly in this day and age.”

"This album, we really changed the approach," Damiano admits. "This time we tried embracing the differences between the four of us, because we have four very, very different backgrounds. Instead of creating a land where everybody was agreeing, we tried to let everybody lead in each different song, and I think that you can really hear who was leading in each song."

It would be a disservice not to mention that Tom Morello and Rage Against The Machine have been nominated once again for inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which garnered a bit of applause from the Måneskin members. "This is Rage Against the Machine’s fifth nomination, so always the bridesmaid, never the bride in a way. But it’s an honor, and it’s great for the fans, and it’s something my mom would be very happy (about)."

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