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After kicking off the new year with their 12th Mini Album, REASON, MONSTA X is checking in with Audacy’s Julia to talk all about the six track album, and more.

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Answering fan questions like “what’s one word to describe REASON,” and “when was the first time you thought ‘yeah I made it,’” The K-pop band also took a moment to serenade us with their favorite lyrics from their favorite song off their latest release. “It’s from ‘Deny’,” they expressed, “it’s beautiful.”

REASON arrives 10 months after MONSTA X's previous album, SHAPE of LOVE, and features focus track “Beautiful Liar,” that according to the song's press release HyungwonJoohoney and I.M all contributed to writing.

Due to the name of their title track, Julia inquired if there was ever a “situation where you said, ‘I’m glad I lied.’” While all members were intrigued by the question, Minhyuk admitted, “when I’m sick, I always say ‘I’m fine,’ I’m always okay, I’m fine… but I’m not fine,” While Joohoney assured, “I’m always honest.”

After each member shared their favorite artists, who range from Basquiat to Monet, Picasso, van Gogh, and I.M who chose his mom, a few also divulged their favorite concept out their 4 concepts they’ve released thus far.

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And the answers didn’t stop there. MONSTA X also shared their thoughts on “what is the killer part in “Beautiful Liar?” As well as revealed if they could switch styles with any of the members, who would it be and why. For all that and more check out the entire interview above.

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