Rick Ross and Meek Mill reveal how they 'meet in the middle' for collab album, 'Too Good to Be True'

Album dropping November 10
By , Audacy

Rick Ross and Meek Mill checked in with Audacy's Greg Street to talk all about their soon to be released collab project, Too Good to Be True, and more.

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The two rappers have been teasing Too Good to Be True since September when they shared their first team-up single, “SHAQ & KOBE.” Since then the duo followed up with “Lyrical Eazy.” and the album itself will be here November 10. The project itself came together with the same kind of quickness, as Ross revealed, noting the album has been in the making for “not long at all.”

“We was in my Miami, we was spending a little time together kickin’ it in the studio, and its just like we hit the green light, we pushed the button.”

Getting into what inspired the title of their first collab single, Ross recalled how Meek had a compilation video of all the greatest NBA duos playing in the background, feeling the parallels, noting he and Meek were also a “one-two duo you can’t go against.” The song title seemed obvious, and so they ran with it. They’ve also already served up a “SHAQ & KOBE Remix” featuring Shaquille O’Neal himself and Damian Lillard.

Slated for a November 10 release, the album is set to be a good mix of the best Rick and Meek have to offer. “It’s a balance,” he said. “We both like different types a sounds and music, Ross got his sound and I got my sound, but we got to meet in the middle,” Meek added.

He continued, “I could give you calm, I could put you in the gym, I could motivate you when you’re feeling down or I could give you the pain, the real y’know, and me and Rozay we blending that. Rozay could give that bars, motivational luxurious, we can stay skeemin’… and I think we mixing that, putting it all in one pot.”

Also up for discussion, the business side of things and betting on yourself, as well as the few features the album has been “blessed” with and the different producers they had a chance to work with, including ATL Jacob and more.

To hear the whole conversation, listen to the entire interview above.

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