Chance The Rapper discusses his 'Acid Rap' anniversary plans and more

'There’s gonna be a lot of opportunities, especially this summer, to hang with me and to celebrate. It’s gonna be dope'
Audacy Check in with Chance The Rapper
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Having recently completed his very first stint as a coach on The Voice, Chance The Rapper called in to Check In with Audacy’s Julia to chat all about it, as well as the 10-year anniversary of his Acid Rap mixtape, and more.

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Comparing his experience on The Voice to summer camp, noting it felt like more of a “team thing” than a competition, Chance admitted he was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time he got to spend with the contestants in comparison to other singing competition shows.

“In the show, they call 'em coaches as opposed to judges,” a role he took on for Netflix's first original music competition Rhythm + Flow in 2019. As coaches, “we really are coaching these artists… working with them, and finding out their inspirations… music that they grew up listening to… It’s like a real connection that you have.”

Having a few music competitions under his belt, Julia was curious if Chance knew what song he’d select for his audition. His choice, which we are semi-surprised but wholeheartedly here for was “Thong Song” by Sisqó. “You have to do something you know the words to,” Chance noted. With Julia adding the track does have some runs that would no doubt impress.

Moving on, Chance discussed the upcoming Acid Rap 10-year anniversary tour, which you can grab your tickets for HERE.

“It’s a crazy thing,” he expressed, “especially to hear people talk about it and what it means for them, or what brought them to the project or how they heard about it. It’s just a cool thing… that it stayed with so many people for so long, and now ten years out there’s all these people that are so excited about the concert.”

“These are so many songs that I haven’t played so long,” Chance added, “so it's just good to get to rehearse them and get to re-live and re-watch the videos -- and just go back to that time -- because it was a good time.”

Having the idea to celebrate the mix tape for more than just a one-day event has been something Chance has thought about for quite some time. “I wanted to give an opportunity for people to talk about Acid Rap,” Chance said, revealing he considered doing “some sort of forum… or a live stream or something.”Ultimately realizing, “I’d rather just get in front of people and like really have that energy of being in the room, and rockin’ out… I think it’s gonna be a good time.”

WATCH NOW: Audacy Check In with Chance The Rapper


You already know the merch is gonna be fire. Sharing his plans, Chance revealed he’s coming up with some new stuff as well as bringing back limited edition designs. Plus, “as we get closer and closer imma do a bunch of crazy activations, and I got more tickets that imma let out for the show.” Cutting himself off not revealing too much, Chance lastly noted, “There’s gonna be a lot of opportunities, especially this summer, to hang with me and to celebrate, it’s gonna be dope.”

Chance also discussed the 2nd Annual Black Star Line Festival, which following its debut in Ghana this year will be taking place in Jamaica, sharing that he’s currently in the midst of planning, and making sure he reaches his ultimate goal of “connecting Black people from around the world.”

While on the topic, Julia also made sure to ask him about Star Line Gallery, his forthcoming album. Chance says he’s been “really focusing on the individual songs," saying the album is, “one of my proudest projects in terms of writing and artistic vision,” adding, “it’s really been something I’ve tried to put as much time and intention into.”

Listen to the full Audacy Check In with Julia and Chance the Rapper above.

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