Greta Van Fleet bring the power of their live sets into the studio to record new album 'Starcatcher'

'Live, there's no holds barred, there's no rules, s*** goes right out the window'
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Rockers Greta Van Fleet join host Taryn Daly today for a special Audacy Check In to discuss new music and more as their new single "Meeting The Master" arrives ahead of the group's forthcoming 2023 album, Starcatcher.

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Michigan rockers Greta Van Fleet have officially arrived in 2023 with "Meeting The Master," their first new music since 2021's collection The Battle at Garden's Gate, taken from the group's forthcoming third studio album, Starcatcher, set for release this summer on July 21.

GVF drummer Daniel Wagner and guitarist Jake Kiszka tell us they're both extremely excited to share their latest work, "for a lot of different reasons too," Daniel adds. "I think the one thing that separates this album from the last album is that we can release the music and immediately tour it, which has been a foreign concept lately touching on the pandemic."

"I think it's really amazing, we sort of crafted this record over the period of last year, so like Daniel is saying," Jake explains, "we finally get to put something out and then actually go out and immediately play it. There's a beauty about the immediacy of it -- the music's there and we're as equally inspired as the people who are listening to the record -- and we get to go perform these new pieces of music live."

"We've always been aware of the fact that a great deal of our power lies in our ability to play live," Kiszka continues. "The communication and the form of that is unparalleled," he points out in regard to the way the group chose to put to tape their new record in a live setting as well, "The idea conceptually was the four of us talking about taking that form of energy, and that power, and dynamic and putting that onto a record. So, we decided that the approach would be very live."

"We recorded the album very quickly," adds Daniel, "and when you record in a live setting you tend to get s*** done, which is great."

Addressing the group's teaser video that was posted at the end of March featuring the members traversing desert sands, wielding swords and flowing robes, host Taryn wondered where the ideas come from for the visual aspects of their craft. "Yours truly, the four of us" Jake responds. "Here's the thing, we've always been highly involved in everything creative surrounding the music because it's the source of what we're doing. So, there's a visual representation of it; there's a production aspect to it, so we've always been really involved with the visuals, the external creativity surrounding the music."

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As fans await the announcement of tour dates, rest assured there will be expanded versions of their previous tracks and new music filling out their set lists. "It's difficult for us to write short songs," Jake admits, "because we have this habit of elongating and bending these sort of structures and arrangements of music. So live, there's no holds barred, there's no rules, s*** goes right out the window... They become way more complex and way more drawn out, but it's totally us feeling in tune with that, communicating, and having that discussion on stage. There's a vernacular to it, a language. And it gets into territory where it's really enjoyable to play those particular songs live."

"In my humble opinion," Daniel says, "that reflects on our personalities very accurately,"


Fate Of The Faithful
Waited All Your Life
The Falling Sky
Sacred The Thread
Runway Blues
The Indigo Streak
Frozen Light
The Archer
Meeting The Master
Farewell For Now

Greta Van Fleet's forthcoming album Starcatcher, is set for release on July 21 with summer tour plans currently in the works.

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